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Turmeric Gummies – 60 Count

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Turmeric isn’t just a tasty spice—it’s also an incredibly powerful health-booster. As far back as 250BC, we have been using turmeric to treat health conditions.

It wasn’t until these last few decades that turmeric has been studied for its incredible benefits for managing pain, treating neurological disorders, preventing heart disease, and improving digestive health.

Although there are many benefits to using this spice, it’s rarely a part of the American diet. That’s why turmeric gummies are so important. Our turmeric and ginger gummies give you all of the benefits of turmeric in an easy and convenient chewable treat.

Whether you use turmeric as a part of your daily regimen, or you keep it on hand for when you need pain relief, turmeric ginger gummies can be an effective and healthy way to enjoy the benefits of turmeric and curcumin.

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is the compound in turmeric which gives it its yellow color. When most people talk about the benefits of turmeric, they are often referring to the curcumin within turmeric.

Curcumin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which may be the reason it’s highly versatile for treating and preventing health conditions.

Inflammation in the body is the root of many chronic health conditions and illnesses. Since curcumin doesn’t have severe side effects like many anti-inflammatory medications, this makes it a go-to for everything from avoiding the flu to treating chronic pain.

Let’s explore a handful of the many benefits of using turmeric curcumin gummies.

Scientifically-Backed Turmeric and Curcumin Benefits

Turmeric for Heart Disease

One of the biggest risks for heart disease today is living a sedentary lifestyle. Within a single hour of sitting still, your blood flow begins to stagnate. This leads to a build-up of plaque in your arteries as well as a weakened heart. Your heart is much like your muscles—use it or lose it.

A recent study showed the effects of turmeric on the performance of the heart and blood vessels. The curcumin in turmeric seemed to have a significant impact on endothelial function (the cells which line the heart as well as blood vessels).

Amazingly, the effect of the curcumin on the body was nearly identical to the effect that an hour of aerobic training has on the body. Turmeric could help extend the life of millions of people with sedentary jobs.

Turmeric for Neurodegenerative Diseases

An incredible case series suggests that curcumin found in turmeric may be one of the only effective treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. A handful of Alzheimer’s patients were given a regular dose of turmeric and their caretakers reported some astonishing results.

One caretaker said that the patient was less anxious, irritable, and agitated. The patient began to smile, laugh, knit, and sing again. Another caretaker reported that the patient was significantly less depressed and had fewer hallucinations and delusions.

The anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin may also help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Inflammation in the brain is directly linked to the development of Alzheimer’s. Although it could be a coincidence, the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease is five times greater in rural Pennsylvania than it is in rural India—where turmeric is used in the majority of dishes.

Turmeric for Cancer

Turmeric may be the ultimate natural cancer-fighting drug. Researchers found that in areas which consume large amounts of turmeric, there are significantly fewer cases of cancer. In fact, overall cancer rates are much higher in western countries than in India—where turmeric is used in many dishes.

A study published in 2009 reports that curcumin found in turmeric has the ability to kill off a wide range of cancer cells, all while leaving our other cells alone. Moreover, cancer cells may not be able to build up a resistance to curcumin because of it’s numerous and diverse mechanisms which induce cell death.

But, what about preventing cancer cells to begin with? A research group found that curcumin also has a carcinogen-blocking effect.

What this means is that consuming turmeric daily may help in preventing cancer cells from growing as well as begin to kill any cancer cells that have already developed in the body.

Turmeric for Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a painful inflammatory disorder. It causes your joints to become inflamed and stiff leading to chronic pain and restricted movement.

Scientists have discovered that curcumin has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. But, does it benefit arthritis? A recent study set out to answer this question.

Forty-five participants who were diagnosed with arthritis were split into three groups which used either curcumin, a traditional prescription medication, or both.

While each of these groups experienced an improvement, the curcumin groups experienced a far better improvement over the prescription medication group. Curcumin significantly showed improvements in joint swelling, walking time, and joint stiffness—all without the side effects of pharmaceutical arthritis drugs.

Curcumin seems to be a powerful alternative to prescription medications while also limiting the risk of adverse effects.

Turmeric for Diabetes

The Journal of the American Diabetes Association published an incredible study on the benefits of curcumin for preventing diabetes. This double-blind trial split a group of people with pre-diabetes into two. Half of the participants got a placebo, and the other half got a curcumin supplement.

After nine months, the researchers examined the two groups to discover who progressed to type-2 diabetes. Out of the placebo group, 16% of them progressed to full-blown diabetes.

Amazingly, zero of the curcumin supplement group progressed to diabetes. The researchers noted that the curcumin group experienced a significant improvement in insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance, and fasting blood sugars.

Another study found similar results when giving a different group a curcumin extract. However, this time the participants in the group had already progressed to diabetes before the trail. Curcumin had the same glucose-lowering effect on these patients.

Turmeric for Digestive Health

Turmeric benefits multiple components of the digestive system. First, it helps by relaxing the muscles of the intestines which makes digestion smoother and prevents bloating. Second, it helps the lining of the stomach secrete mucus which protects it from damage. Third, it helps the liver process and eliminate cholesterol. And last, it assists in balancing gut flora.

Why Choose Our Turmeric Ginger Gummies?

As you can see, curcumin is incredibly powerful. And these are only a portion of turmeric gummy benefits. Turmeric curcumin gummies may also help with depression, liver function, surgical recovery, arsenic exposure, canker sores, and high cholesterol.

As if there aren’t enough reasons to try our premium turmeric and ginger gummies, they are also absolutely delicious. Anyone can use these turmeric ginger gummies—they are plant-based, gelatin-free, soy-free, allergen-free, kosher, vegetarian and non-GMO. Turmeric ginger gummies could be your key to a healthier life.

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