Liposomal D/D-3: Is This a Better Bone Supplement?

Liposomal D/D-3: Is This a Better Bone Supplement?

Let’s take a look at what liposomes are, and how Liposomal D/D-3 can make a big difference in your health. One of the biggest problems with most drugs and supplements today is bioavailability. That is, the amount of the substance that is actually getting absorbed by your body, or that even makes it to the intended target area, versus the amount you are ingesting. Bioavailability can differ greatly from supplement to supplement, even from brand to brand, and actually depends less on where the supplement was created and more on how it was created. To that end, scientists have invented an amazing new technology that enhances many of the Vitamins and supplements we think we are consuming and allows our body to better absorb them by recognizing them as our own cells. This amazing technology is called liposomes, and the Vitamin industry has finally woken up to their effectiveness. 

When it comes to over the counter or even prescription drugs, the sad truth is that many times only a very small percentage of the actual substances are absorbed by our bodies. In fact, in the United States, the FDA only requires generic drug manufactures to achieve 90% on a confidence interval for their drug’s absorption. Those intervals are based on data, but they do not take into account the many other physiological factors that can affect bioavailability. Name-brand drugs? They have an even lower threshold to be approved.

Lax FDA requirements on bioavailability are part of the reason why so many Americans are turning to the Vitamin and supplements industry to help with many of their health issues.  Many companies are holding their products to a much higher standard when it comes to absorption rates, and they’re using liposomes to help lead the way.

For a deeper dive into all things Liposomal D/D-3 you are invited to continue reading. It is our wish that with these facts, you are able to make a good decision as to whether Liposomal D/D-3 is the right vitamin supplement for you.

What are Liposomes?

Without getting too technical, liposomes are actually microscopic bubbles of fats (lipids) that are intentionally made up of the very same kinds of fats as our own cell membranes. This is the secret sauce that makes their absorption rates so much higher than other supplements, and it’s what makes them both stable and highly biocompatible with our bodies. For fat-soluble substances, there is no better or more effective delivery system than liposomes, and the enhanced stability they provide is a boon for our biomes.

Just in case you are asking what all that means in English, here is the basic rundown: from the moment you consume a liposome, it will start helping your body in a way that traditional drugs and supplements can’t. They will allow your body to absorb the Vitamins and nutrients you are taking, and they will also protect against the breakdown of those substances from things like stomach acid and bacteria in your gut. Remember, since the liposomes are created out of the same fat that’s already in your body, they are recognized as “members of the club” and are instantly let in and absorbed. This leads to much faster and more powerful absorption rates. Pretty great, huh?

So there are three main types of liposomes, and each one can help with the absorption of different kinds of drugs because they are engineered to be absorbed by different kinds of cells. This kind of bioengineering is what makes liposomes so incredibly unique and successful, and it’s why they are used in all kinds of other industries.

From Where Are Liposomes Derived?

As mentioned above, liposomes are actually made out of naturally derived fats that usually come from eggs or other animal byproducts. So if you are vegan or have allergies to eggs or certain meats, make sure you check the labels before you buy!

Liposomal D/D3

Liposomal Vitamin D/D-3

Vitamin D is a necessary element for our bodies to grow and stay healthy, and it is an especially important component of healthy bones. That’s because of the way it helps our bones absorb calcium and phosphate, both of which are vital for healthy bone growth and density. It can also aid in lowering high blood pressure, helping with heart disease, and even helps to fight some of the symptoms of depression.

Most people know that you get the majority of your Vitamin D from the sun. That is true; as most people do not need to take a Vitamin D supplement in order to achieve optimum levels. But for those who are Vitamin D deficient, or for people worried about bone density loss, a Vitamin D supplement can be a powerful and effective way to boost their overall health.

Why Liposomal D/D3?

Unlike most Vitamins that come in liposomal form, the jury is still noticeably “out” when it comes to Vitamin D/D3. That’s not only because there haven’t been extensive trials on the added effectiveness of the liposomal form vs. the standard one, but also because experts aren’t quite sure if Vitamin D is the best match for the liposome technology.

To get more specific, one of the issues with many Vitamins like Vitamin C is that large doses aren’t able to be absorbed without serious distress on your gastric system. That’s why liposomal Vitamin C is so much more effective at delivery. Vitamin D, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same usage limitations as Vitamin C, so there is no clear-cut need for better or faster absorption. That means there may not be substantial proof of liposomal Vitamin D benefits.

In addition, there haven’t been any studies that prove Vitamin D is more effective when it gets in your system faster or when your levels rise more quickly. In fact, there has been some research to indicate it may be detrimental to take in large amounts of Vitamin D in rapid order since Vitamin D accesses and uses other substances in your body like Vitamin K and magnesium. That means rapidly raising your Vitamin D might throw off your body chemistry unless you add those cofactors as well.


Let’s be clear that we’re not trying to scare you off of taking Vitamin D. For many people, including older patients or those suffering from Vitamin D deficiency, it can be a potentially life-saving supplement. But if your levels are normal and you aren’t elderly, the exact benefits of liposomal D/D-3 vs. normal Vitamin D are still noticeably up in the air.

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