Liposomal B-12: The All-Natural Shot in The Arm

Liposomal B-12: The All-Natural Shot in The Arm

Liposomes are a popular alternative to standard vitamin compounds. Interestingly, one of the more popular liposomes available is liposomal B-12. We invite you to continue reading to learn more about this highly effective method of taking B-12 vitamins.

The vast majority of Americans take some kind of nutritional or vitamin supplement every day. But the actual bioavailability, or the proportion of a substance that actually enters the circulation after taking, varies widely from product to product. That means when you pop a multivitamin, your body may be absorbing anywhere from ten to ninety percent of the vitamins and minerals that you’re ingesting.

The ugly truth is that when we ingest even some of the most potent vitamins and minerals, only a small percentage of them are absorbed by our bodies. On top of that, our ability to absorb nutrients from orally taken substances can be greatly affected by bacteria in your gut as well as the acid in your stomach. With numbers like these, there must be a solution to improve the bioavailability of the supplements we depend on for daily use. Luckily, there is that solution and it’s called Liposomes.

What are Liposomes?

Technically speaking, liposomes are tiny, artificial lipid bubbles that are about 1/1000th the width of a single human hair. They are made up of the same type of fat as our own cell membranes, making them both biocompatible and very stable when introduced to our bodies. But most importantly, liposomes are able to deliver fat-soluble substances in a stable way. That means from the moment you ingest them, liposomes are working to help you absorb nutrients and protect against their breakdown by bacteria and stomach acid. Since liposomes are intentionally created out of the same fat molecules (lipids) as our own cell membranes, they can instantly effectively combine with the cells in our bodies to create lasting and powerful support. 

There are three different types of liposomes, and each kind can be implemented to aid in the absorption of different drugs or to target specific kinds of cells. There have been over 50,000 studies on liposomes from around the world, and amazing advances in their formulation have helped a wide range of industries including medicine, cosmetics, vitamins, botanicals, and farming agriculture.

From Where are Liposomes Derived?

Without getting too technical, liposomes are generally composed of naturally derived lipid chains that sometimes contain materials from eggs. So, be careful when taking them if you are vegan or allergic to eggs. It’s also pretty common for liposomes to contain a tiny layer of water that is trapped between the layers of lipids.

Vitamin B-12

Liposomal B-12

Vitamin B-12 is an important nutrient that helps a variety of processes within the body like heart function, mood regulation, and red blood cell production.  If you want to supplement your diet with food high in B-12 vitamins, look to dairy, eggs, meat, or poultry. meat. However, even with breakfast cereals fortified with B-12, people still sometimes find themselves deficient in B-12. In a recent study, almost 9% of the participants were determined to be deficient in B-12 levels. Having a B-12 deficiency leads to health issues such as anemia, balance, walking, confusion, and in extreme cases, dementia. There is any number of causes for B-12 deficiency. Some of these include a vegetarian diet, high alcohol intake, digestive, and regular use of antacids.

However, age may also be a factor. Interestingly, as we age, the production of stomach acid declines. This is important to note because, for most people, B-12 absorbs through the food we eat, particularly meat. But, if the acid in our stomachs is not able to break down the food containing B-12, then less B-12 is absorbed into the body. These are all important reasons to turn to liposomal B-12.

Apart from taking liposomal B-12 in pill form, sublingually, or a B-12 shot, one way to help achieve an optimal level of B-12 is to use vitamin B-12 liposomal spray. Using a spray offers quicker absorption than a pill because the pill has to break down in the stomach.

Vitamin B-12 liposomal spray not only offers faster absorption. However, it also offers higher levels of absorption because using a spray intraorally bypasses any digestive issues, stomach acids, or other faulty conversions of B-12 into its active form. 

An Alternative to B-12 Shots

For many people who suffer from chronic stress, B-12 shots are a popular and even necessary way to boost energy levels for extended periods of time. And since just about any kind of doctor can prescribe and administer B-12 shots, they have become a ubiquitous part of many American’s fast-paced lifestyles. These shots are also in use as a natural way to boost metabolism which helps patients who suffer from a lack of appetite due to treatments like chemotherapy.

However, a normal B-12 shot contains over 1,000 micrograms of vitamin B-12, which is nearly 400 times larger than the recommended daily value. That kind of dosage puts a big strain on your liver and kidneys. On top of that, doctors’ fees for most B-12 shots are now a whopping average of $145 per dose.

But fear not! Liposomal vitamin B-12, with its advanced bioavailability, may offer the same if not better results than a B-12 injection. What’s more, it makes it a cost-effective and smarter alternative. Plus, there’s no “little pinch!”


Like many of its liposomal partners, liposomal B-12 uses the amazing scientific breakthrough of liposomes. By so doing, it that allows for greater bioavailability rates from vitamins, minerals, and medications. Interestingly, the chemical structure of B-12 makes it the perfect partner for liposomes. Moreover, the various forms of ingestion, including capsules, sublingual drops, and nasal sprays, are all terrific and cost-effective alternatives to costly B-12 injections.

Keeping optimum B-12 levels as we get older is becoming harder as Americans continue to burn the candle at both ends, thus depleting their energy levels and slowing their metabolisms down due to lack of physical activity. Many western diets are also leading to our stomach acid levels becoming lower earlier. These impacts of a modern lifestyle can be offset by vitamin B-12 supplements, and there is no better than liposomal B-12. You should give liposomal B-12 a try, because, it might just be the “shot in the arm” you’re looking for.

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