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Elderberry Gummies – 60 Count

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If you are looking for a natural remedy that has been trusted and used for centuries, look no further than elderberry gummies. Even the ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates who is known as the “father of medicine” described the elderberry plant as his “medicine chest.” This is most likely because elderberry is very versatile and is useful in treating a wide array of health concerns. Elderberry is rich in essential nutrients and benefits the body from head to toe which makes elderberry gummies a powerhouse supplement.

What is Elderberry?

Sambucus which is commonly called elderberry is a genus of flowering plants that are in the Adoxaceae plant family. Elderberry is native to Europe, Africa, and Asia but is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. as well.

Elderberry plants produce white flowers and berries that turn from green to red to black when ripe. The flowers and berries of the elderberry plant are used for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

Sambucus nigra is the full scientific name of the most common species that is used for medicinal purposes. Other names for Sambucus nigra are black elder and European black elderberry. This incredible plant is packed with essential acids, vitamins, flavonoids, and other beneficial nutrients.

What Are Elderberry Gummies?

While elderberry has many benefits, it can not be consumed raw or it can be dangerous. When the ripe berries are cooked, they are edible. Still, it can be challenging to find cooked elderberries to purchase, and they may not be very tasty on their own. However, many people enjoy the berry flavor of elderberry products. When elderberry is commercially prepared it generally won’t cause adverse reactions.

Elderberry can come in many different forms which can be purchased at a health food store or of course, online at mindzymes.com. A few of the different types of elderberry you can find include tea, wine, juice, jelly, spray, ointments, lozenges and what we find is the best—elderberry gummies.

Sambucus elderberry gummies make taking steps to a healthier life easy. Our elderberry gummies contain European full-spectrum black elderberry extract which means they are packed with all of the nutrients from the plant, not just an isolated one or two. Not only that, but our elderberry gummies are also rich with other natural ingredients like vitamin C, propolis, and echinacea which work together to help boost your results.

With sambucus elderberry gummies herbal supplements, you don’t have to worry about if you are getting enough of this incredible plant like you might with teas or juices. Just follow the instructions on the bottle and take two gummies a day 20-30 minutes before a meal and enjoy the full body benefits black elderberry gummies have to offer. Organic elderberry gummies are the fun, easy, and tasty way to enjoy getting the nutrients you need.

Elderberry Gummies Potential Benefits

It seems many of our ancestors thought of elderberry as a cure-all medicine, and there is no wonder why. Elderberry is packed with antioxidants and has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. The plant has been known as a natural solution to help with ailments from pain to allergies and even the flu.

Here are a few more benefits elderberry has to offer.

Cold and Flu Relief

Elderberry gummies are so great for the immune system they could be known as elderberry immune gummies. Elderberries contain natural chemical compounds called anthocyanidins which make them a fantastic general immune booster. Because of its anthocyanidins, flavonoids, and other essential nutrients elderberry has been known to lessen the effects and duration of the cold and flu.

Lower Blood Sugar

Traditionally elderberries have been used as a natural way to lower blood sugar levels and treat type 2 diabetes. Extracts from elderflower and elderberries seem to both stimulate glucose metabolism and the secretion of insulin.

Natural Diuretic

Elderberry has natural diuretic effects and promotes both urination and bowel movements. Elderberry may also have natural laxative effects but, more research is needed.

Healthy Skin

Elderberry contains bioflavonoids, antioxidants, and vitamins which make it an incredible tool for promoting healthy skin. Its antioxidant, as well as its anti-inflammatory properties, may help improve the skin’s structure and overall condition.

Allergy Relief

Elderflower has been known to be an effective natural remedy for people with allergies[9] or for treating hay fever-like symptoms. This is because of the unique way elderberry can improve the immune system and also because of its inflammatory properties.

May Help Prevent Cancer

Elderberries are rich in anthocyanins as well as flavonoids and polyphenolics. It has also shown to have therapeutic and anti-carcinogenic properties. Studies have even indicated that elderberry has chemopreventive properties which can inhibit, delay, or reverse cancer formation.

May Improve Heart Health

Studies suggest elderberry extract may improve cardiovascular health as well as have positive effects on high blood pressure. This may be because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as its anthocyanins content.

Propolis and Echinacea

Our elderberry gummies taste great and provide benefits for the whole body. They also contain a few other natural ingredients that also provide benefits and enhance the benefits of elderberry. These ingredients are propolis and echinacea.

You should know all of the ingredients that go into the supplements you take to make you healthier, so let’s dive into a little bit about what these two fantastic ingredients are.


Propolis is a natural bee-derived ingredient with incredible health properties of its own. It contains substances bees collect from plants and trees and is also considered “bee glue.” Propolis benefits include antimicrobial, antioxidative, anti-ulcer, and anti-tumor properties. Propolis is possibly most used for its ability to help prevent and fight colds.


Echinacea is a coneflower that is abundant in a variety of health benefits. Echinacea is rich with essential oils, inulin, vitamin C, polysaccharides, and flavonoids. This powerful plant is most known for its ability to boost the immune system and help prevent and fight the common cold.

Take Advantage of Elderberry Gummies

Elderberry gummies contain benefits for the entire body. They are the natural and tasty way to stay healthy and provide relief to many different ailments.

With the many benefits of elderberry gummies, you may be wondering about elderberry gummies for kids or elderberry gummies for toddlers. While elderberry gummies are safe for adults, you should always consult your pediatrician before giving elderberry gummies to children or toddlers.

Take advantage of our sambucus elderberry gummies herbal supplements, 60 count, and embrace a happier and healthier life.

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