Cellulase Enzymes; Supplements for Plant Digestion

Cellulase Enzymes; Supplements for Plant Digestion

Enzymes are something every human body needs. In fact, enzymes are part of every biochemical action that your body takes. They are also the driving force behind your digestive system which makes them incredibly important to every human’s health. For this article, we will explore cellulase digestive enzymes and their benefits.

Cellulase is a class of enzymes derived from fungi bacteria and protozoans. These enzymes are also in some types of termites. However, humans and most animals do not produce it naturally.

If you want to know how to get more nutrients from eating a plant-based diet or simply want to get healthier, please continue reading to learn more about cellulase digestive enzymes and how they might benefit you.

How Does Cellulase Work?

Because humans do not produce cellulase, we are unable to effectively use all the energy from fibrous plants. Instead, when we eat fibrous plants, the flora from the large intestine ferments it for digestion. However, this action does not break down all the plant fibers. Instead, the excess fiber then leaves the body through elimination.

Interestingly, cellulose is a complex carbohydrate and is the primary component in the cellular structure of all living plants. The cellulase enzyme is what transforms cellulose into beta-glucose, making food more digestible and of greater use to your body.

Cellulase Coverts Cellulose to Beta-Glucose

Cellulase Coverts Cellulose to Beta-Glucose

What makes this conversion possible are the several enzymes within the category of cellulase, some of which are beta-glucosidases, cellobiohydrolases, and exoglucanases. As a complex compound, these are the enzymes that work together to hydrolyze cellulose into beta-glucose. The body either proceeds to use the byproducts or eliminates them through the stool. Without the additional of cellulase enzymes, naturally, lots of nutrients get lost through the elimination from the digestive system.

Interestingly, many animals have much better systems for cellulose digestion than humans do. For instance, cows have four chambers in their stomachs that contain prominent levels of microbes that are highly efficient in digesting cellulose. That is why cows grow big and strong from only a plant-based diet.

However, people need to take cellulose supplements to enjoy similar benefits from plants. Think about it. Why waste a large amount of the nutrients from the wonderful health foods and drinks you enjoy?

Cellulase Health Benefits and Uses

Here are some interesting and healthy ways cellulase supplements can improve your health.

  1. Turns Cellulose into Glucose: The most obvious benefit is that cellulase breaks down cellulose into glucose your body can use which is immensely helpful to everyone’s health. No one needs high blood-sugar levels.
  2. Intestinal Tract Detoxification: This happens when cellulase enzymes break down microbial biofilms that are harmful to your body. Biofilms derive from the bacteria Pseudomonas. The action of dissolving biofilms not only benefits the intestinal tract but also your body’s other major organ systems as well.
  3. Antioxidants & Nutrition: One of the most notable benefits of this enzyme is that it is widely in use in the food industry because it assists in improvements to nutrient retention of fruits and vegetables. In other words, it increases the bioavailability of nutrition for your body. One example of this is the food industry use of cellulase for the nutrient retention of whole grains (as well as fruits and vegetables.)
  4. Fermented Foods Nutrition: It also improves the availability of nutrients in fermented foods. Fermented foods offer exceptional health benefits that increase with the use of cellulase enzymes.
  5. Healthy Cholesterol Levels: Cellulase enzyme supplements help keep your cholesterol level down and in fact, may even lower it.
  6. Important for Body Builders: Cellulose is in use as a bulking agent for food. It allows you to feel full faster and all without consuming as many calories. However, humans cannot digest cellulose without the use of cellulase supplements.
  7. Greater Protein Absorption: A recent study with nursing home patients in which they took a multi-enzyme formula containing cellulase suggests that were improvements in their digestive systems. In addition, the results show improvements to immune functions. However, when they stopped taking the supplement, the improvements also stopped.

Understanding Cellulase Units of Measurement

According to the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), cellulase measures in Control Units (CUs).

Cellulase Supplement & Dosage

The cellulase supplement derives from the nontoxicogenic and nonpathogenic fungus Trichoderma viride. Interestingly, Trichoderma are in all soils and are the most prevalent culturable fungi.

There is no set dosage for taking enzyme supplements because the amount taken is determined by the amount and type of food eaten. For example, if you eat a large meal, you might want to take a larger dose of an enzyme supplement.

Take your enzyme supplements a little before or at the beginning of eating your meals to give it a chance to kick into action for good digestion results. You may take them either whole or you may also mix them with a little food. But, if you forget to take your enzyme at the beginning of the meal, no need to panic because food normally stays in the upper portion of your stomach for up to an hour or more. So, go ahead and take your supplement even after you begin eating.

Cellulase Summary

The purpose of taking cellulase is for humans to be able to convert cellulose that derives from the food that you eat into beta-glucose. Since humans do not produce cellulase, you need help in breaking down the cellulose in your digestive system.

Without a cellulase supplement, the side effects of eating foods high in cellulose can include acid reflux, bloating, constipation, gas, indigestion, and an unpleasant stomach.

Finding a good blend of enzymes is important for every human body. Taking an enzyme such as cellulase or a combination of enzymes will give your entire system a boost. In fact, you might notice a difference soon after beginning your enzyme supplement regimen. Continue to do your diligent research and consult with your medical professional for more information about enzymes and how they might fit into your healthy lifestyle.

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