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The Power of Ashwagandha

The use of ashwagandha can be traced back thousands of years in ayurvedic healing.

Translated from Sanskrit to mean “the smell of a horse” its name suggests strength, vitality, and power. Traditionally used as a general health tonic because of its varied applications, ashwagandha is classified as an adaptogen in modern times.

Adaptogens are defined as substances that aid our bodies in dealing with stress and help normalize processes in the body. With a wide range of benefits and research to support the claims, ashwagandha is an herbal remedy that almost anyone can use.

Top Benefits of Ashwagandha

Mindzymes™ Organic Ashwagandha is designed to be a premium organic ashwagandha supplement to easily incorporate the benefits of ashwagandha into your daily life. Here are just some of the potential benefits of supplementing your life with Mindzymes™ Organic Ashwagandha.

  • Helps Support Anxiety Management

  • May Improve Response to Stress

  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Support Healthier Sleep

  • Supports Brain Function and Improved Memory

  • Help Increase Muscle Mass and Strength

  • Helps to Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

  • Helps to Reduce Cortisol Levels

  • Helps to Prevent the Negative Effects of Arthritis


Mindzymes ™ is focused on providing clean, natural supplements. Expect nothing less with the Mindzymes ™ Organic Ashwagandha.

Mindzymes™ Organic Ashwagandha is formulated with a small amount of Organic Black Pepper to promote better absorption of the Ashwagandha’s benefits.

Contained in a vegetable capsules, Organic Ashwagandha and Organic Black Pepper are the only ingredients of this product.

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